Relive the ACC Championship Part 2

This is part 2 of this article if you missed part 1 check it out here.

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The first half was a low scoring affair and the second half would be more of the same. Carolina is known as a running team and Virginia is known for their stifling defense and 30 second possessions. So this slow paced and low scoring game was just what Virginia would have wanted coming into the game.


It would seem that Virginia had ideas of attacking Kennedy Meeks early and often in the 2nd half. The quicker Anthony Gill was able to draw Meeks out from the paint and attack him with relative ease.

Brice is an underrated passer and he proves it here. (He would end up with 5 assists in this game.) To Virginia’s credit this trap of Carolina’s big men was effective and caused a few turnovers. This time, however Brice sees the cutting Justin Jackson and hits him with a nifty pass for Carolina’s first bucket of the second half.

Carolina is generally one of the best offensive rebounding teams in the country. In this game on Saturday however the Hoos out rebounded Carolina 14-5 on the offensive boards. Turnovers were also a struggle for Carolina the entire first half and into the early possessions of the 2nd half.

Marcus Paige was great in the ACC Championship. He had a mediocre stat line in which he didn’t shoot great, but he was extremely clutch in this second half hitting a bunch of big shots. Not to mention making Malcolm Brogdon work for everything he got. This is the Marcus Paige Carolina fans should be giddy to see even though the shot hasn’t quite been there lately. If Marcus Paige is aggressive UNC is the best team in the country.

Carolina played one of it’s best defensive games of the season against Virginia . They were not perfect however as they allow Perrantes to get a wide open three out of a baseline out of bounds play.

This video clip is a microcosm of how Marcus Paige really affected this game. He makes a steal then aggressively attacks the rim for the layup.

Brogdon had to work for every bucket he got on Saturday and this is a prime example.

MARCUS PAIGE IS A STONE COLD ASSASSIN!!!! (man it felt good to type that)


This Brice Johnson spin move doesn’t look great, but it gets the job done.

This doesn’t show up in the stat sheet.

Who would you more rather take a game winning shot on this team Marcus or Joel?

Justin Jackson keeps the momentum going with a huge offensive board.

Joel Berry has ice running through his veins.

This steal by Justin Jackson is where I really felt like Carolina had full control of this game. This was part of that stretch where Virginia hadn’t scored a field goal in 8 minutes.

What a beautiful drive and dish by Joel Berry. If you give Brice two chances he is going to finish and that is exactly what he does here. Carolina up 9 with under 2 minutes to go.

6 points.

3 points.

Bold Prediction: Isaiah Hicks will be Carolina’s best player next year. (sorry Joel) Clutch bucket here by the ACC’s 6th man of the year.

I’ll admit it I was whining about the refs the entire game just like you probably were. After this call I take it all back. Joel Berry could have made a better decision considering the circumstances however I do like his aggressiveness and it payed off for him.

At the end of the day this may have been Carolina’s most complete game of the season. Its funny how Roy Williams gets so much hate, but his team routinely peaks in march.


ACC CHAMPS!!!!!!!!!

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